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The new Driving Range is now fully operational and is available for Members and Non-Members alike to use.

Members please call into the Golf Shop for a Membership Free Token to 'try' the new facility. 

Following the successful application for a Shade Grant from the State Government, it won't be long until a shade structure will be erected over the driving range tees!

As a Special Driving Range Group Package  - Group Special 'Click here'    Limited Time Only!


In the meantime..............Driving Range Open



Benalla Golf Club has a duty to maintain a safe workplace for our employees and is obliged to ensure the safety and well being of members and guests.
As you are aware there are Public Health Orders in place regarding COVID vaccination status and access to a range of facilities.
Under the current Directions - Open Premises Directions No 2, Benalla Golf Club can only allow either a (i) Fully Vaccinated or (ii) an Excepted person (someone with a documented Medical exemption) to enter or remain on the Licenced premises.  In line with this mandate all staff have been fully vaccinated.

The Committee of Management has determined that effective from 1st November this will apply to all areas of the club and facilities, including the Golf Course and practice facilities -  until the community has reached a safe level of immunity and the vaccination rules are relaxed (probably some time in 2022). 
 All patrons  will be  required to provide evidence  of double vaccination or medical exemption upon entry to any area of our facility. Please remember our staff are following current public health orders and Benalla Golf Club policies. We ask that you please show kindness and respect as our staff who, just like you, try work through these restrictions in our community.
This decision may affect a small number of our members, and for this, we apologise, but we must abide by the rulings in place which are there to protect the health of the community, by minimising the risk factors to the best of our ability.

Richard deCrespigny


Lesley Robins - in Memoriam


Les Robins

With the recent passing of Les Robins, it is well worth recognising the outstanding contribution Les made to the Benalla Golf Club.

Les joined the club in October 1991 after moving to Benalla and soon became involved in all aspects of life at our Club.

The position of Treasurer was held by Les from 1998 through to the end of 2002, with another stint in 2008. He continued his involvement by being elected to the General Committee from 2003, 2004 & 2005, and later also in 2010, becoming Junior Vice President from 2006 through 2007.

Whilst a Member of the General Committee, Les, became a member of the Centenary Sub Committee in 2003 to assist organise the celebrations of the first 100 years of the Club. Les was the author of the Centenary booklet produced with the assistance of a group other Club members. 

To recognise the contribution of Les towards our Club, he was honoured with Life Membership in 2008.

But, there was more contributions to be made by Les and his wife, Joan.  The couple adopted the gardens and surrounds of the Clubhouse and for many years, tendered to the gardens on an almost daily basis, hence the establishment of 'Robin's Nest' on the garden bed, at the entry into the Club from the Midland Highway.

Les will be remembered as a person who contributed so much to the history of our Club and his dedication to improving the Club what ever that took.  Thank you Les, for your contribution, support and kindness.

A truly great servant of the Club.


 Dale Crothers PGA Associate Profesional to Coach at Benalla

Dale Crothersv2

Attention Benalla Golf Club Members

Thanks to the great work by Benalla Golf Shop , the Benalla Golf Club is thrilled to have a local prodigy returning to help the next era of golfers on their way to their dream. He might also help some of us that just have nightmares about this crazy game called golf.
Book via Golf Shop FB page, or ring Wayne on 57622404.

Ring the Golf Shop on  5762 2404 for a booking!......don't be slow!



Bunker renovations have been completed with the redesigned bunkers having some 'new' speciality sand placed within them at the recent 'Grey Army' working bees.

It has been determined that 'ALL Bunkers' will remain compulsory 'Gound Under Repair' until further advised.

This is to allow any recently installed grass 'slabs' to settle in and become estabilished.

What a 'great' benefit these bunker upgrades will provide for the Club and a huge thankyou to those volunteers who have spent many hours for the benefit of the Club!............  

      bunker6newsand.jpg      7RCompletev2       12LCompletev2

      Green 6 left  bunker                    Green 7 bunkers                            Green 12 left bunker       



Members and staff of the Benalla Golf Club are saddened by the passing of our valued and respected Committee Member - Bob Munro.

As well as serving as our Captain for two recent years, Bob was a hard working volunteer - always helping with tasks around the course and Clubhouse. A great mate to us all who will be sadly missed.

Condolences to Helen and family from all at the Benalla Golf Club.            Bob Munro



With relaxation of Covid19 restrictions in Victoria from midnight Thursday October 21, the following will apply until further notice:-

  1. Golf Course & Practice facilities and Golf Shop are open 
  2. MANDATORY Check-in via QR Code system prior to hit off
  3. Standard Golf limits in place in terms of numbers per group - 4 people maximum
  4. No cap on numbers on the course at any one time
  5. Competition golf is able to be played
  6. Flagsticks to remain in the holes at all times - installed ball lifters to be used
  7. Bunkers to be compulsory "Ground Under Repair" due to renovation works
  8. Book your tee time on the time sheet or ring the golf Shop (57 622404)

We will continue to offer takeaway meals Wednesday to Saturday.
The Gaming Room will be open from 10 - 4 on Tuesdays to Saturdays.
The venue will remain closed on Sundays & Mondays.

Please stay safe and hopefully these restrictions will ease further soon.


2021 NEDGA Junior Champion

The North East District Golf Association Championships were held at the Mansfield Golf Club recently.

Benalla Golf Club is proud to announce that the 2021 NEDGA  Junior Champion is Benalla's own LUCAS HALES.

Photographed below with his Trophy is a very proud Lucas.


Congratulations Lucas from all at the Benalla Golf Club!


Air2G2 Machine aids in renovation of Greens!

A new golfing Greens air renovator, similar to the one pictured below, has been in action at the Club.

Injecting a blast of high pressure air into the soil up to 300mm below the Green's surface to break up soil compaction has visited the Club.

Dispite some inital localised problems, all Greens were visited.  The breakup of the compacted layers will assist in the absorbion of water, fertilisers and encourage grass growth to all Greens.



Penalty Area Rules - new Rules from 2019    Click to read the rules as they now apply!

What are the rules for being in a Penalty Area - maybe even a bunker!           


New Club Document tag

For the benefit of all Members a new tag has been established under "News & Reports" for access to a number of Club documents which will be loaded for member information.

At the June 2019 meeting of the General Committee, a Honorary Life Membership Policy was adopted.  This policy will assist the General Commitee in assessing any application for Honorary Life Membership of the Club.  Previously, no  guidelines or policy existed and this new policy will provide a clearer guidance for any application and criteria for assessment and process for granting of such an honour.


Benalla Golf Club now on Facebook

The Club advises that you can now access the Benalla Golf Club on social media.

This provides another avenue for advertising and communications throughout the community and with Members.

So next time, if you are using Facebook, search for the club and click that you like the site and/or share with your other friends.


Ever wondered what the Rules are if you are in a sticky situation?

Have you found yourself in a situation where the Rules don't seem to readily apply? Maybe a kangaroo sitting on your ball, or a snake is curled around the are the applicable Rules



 Security reminder

Members are reminded to secure your cars after parking and as you leave for your round of golf. 

All valuables should not be left exposed within vehicles but taken with you or hidden from view in a secure place within the locked vehicle.











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