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With Summer fast approaching please consider the weather forecasts, particularly for any predicted high temperatures.


2020 Mens Club Championship Final Result

In an exciting Men's Club Championship Final played on Sunday October 25, in a 36 Hole Match Play Final, the winner was Andrew Shearer 2 and 1 over Paul Griffett.

The match was played in varying conditions with strong cool wind in the morning turning into a great sunny afternoon for the final 18 holes.

The match saw the lead change regularly all day with all square after 35 holes with Andrew winning the next two holes to claim the title!

A great match which was played in great sportmanship fashion which is a credit to both players.


 2020 Club Champion -  Andrew SHEARER ChampsAS1Champs PS1 Runner Up - Paul GRIFFETT

Champs2    ChampsPS8     20ChampsChamps15


Improved Safety for Golfers, Course Staff and volunteers working outside.

Thanks to a Community Grant from the Benalla Rural City Council, the Club has been able to purchase and install a lightning detection and warning system.

Early detection of lightning in the area will enable the Club to warn all people on the course to cease playing and seek shelter back at the Clubhouse. All play (social and competitive) and work on the course will be suspended if lightning is known to be within 15 km and approaching the course.  Play will only resume when there has been no lightning stikes in approaching storms for a period of at least 30 minutes. 

A hand held scanner, primarily located in the golf shop , will be used to determine the proximity of lightning.

If lightning is detected near and approaching the course, two sirens will sound to warn players and staff to cease play or work immediately.

The following signals will be used:

Discontinue play/work immediately   -  One prolonged note of siren ....repeated.

Resume Play/ work                          - Two short notes of siren, repeated.

 HockwithdetectorPhotographed is Golf Shop Proprietor Wayne Hocking testing the new lightning detector.




Air2G2 Machine aids in renovation of Greens!

A new golfing Greens air renovator, similar to the one pictured below, has been in action at the Club.

Injecting a blast of high pressure air into the soil up to 300mm below the Green's surface to break up soil compaction has visited the Club.

Dispite some inital localised problems, all Greens were visited.  The breakup of the compacted layers will assist in the absorbion of water, fertilisers and encourage grass growth to all Greens.



Penalty Area Rules - new Rules from 2019    Click to read the rules as they now apply!

What are the rules for being in a Penalty Area - maybe even a bunker!           


2020SummerpennantCongratulations guys!   

Benalla Golf Club wins 2020 Summer Pennant Final

 Summer Pennant victory against Tocumwal 4.5 games to 0.5 game.

Thanks Linda Hocking for photo.



The wild storm of the late afternoon of Saturday February 1, 2020 has caused considerable damage and destruction on the course.

The photos below provide some evidence of the power of the wind.

Cleanup works are planned to start on Sunday Feb 2 during the afternoon and will continue over the next few days or weeks.

Any assistance Members are able to contribute is most welcome. Some disruption to golfing activities may occur until cleanup works are completed.


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 and much more as well!

Vandals have caused further damage after a break-in to the workshop and kart storage sheds. Police are investigating this break-in along with the damage of a number of motorised karts which were taken for joyrides around the course and resulting in subsequent damage to the karts!.......................... 



New World Handicap System (WHS) - 30th January 2020


A new World Handicap System (WHS) will take effect on 30th January 2020. There will be only minimal changes to the current G.A. Handicap System.

Golf’s two international governing bodies, The R&A and the United States Golf Association (USGA), have worked together with the world’s major handicapping authorities to develop a single handicap system for the game. Golf Australia (GA) is one of the organisations that has been closely involved.

Please see attached for more information on the WHS in Australia or click on the following link:


 Ladies Pink Ball Charity Day

The Ladies 2019 Pink Ball Charity Day got off to an early and colourful day Thursday October 31, with event 'Starter' Wayne Hocking.



New Club Document tag

For the benefit of all Members a new tag has been established under "News & Reports" for access to a number of Club documents which will be loaded for member information.

At the June 2019 meeting of the General Committee, a Honorary Life Membership Policy was adopted.  This policy will assist the General Commitee in assessing any application for Honorary Life Membership of the Club.  Previously, no  guidelines or policy existed and this new policy will provide a clearer guidance for any application and criteria for assessment and process for granting of such an honour.


Benalla Golf Club now on Facebook

The Club advises that you can now access the Benalla Golf Club on social media.

This provides another avenue for advertising and communications throughout the community and with Members.

So next time, if you are using Facebook, search for the club and click that you like the site and/or share with your other friends.


Ever wondered what the Rules are if you are in a sticky situation?

Have you found yourself in a situation where the Rules don't seem to readily apply? Maybe a kangaroo sitting on your ball, or a snake is curled around the are the applicable Rules



 Security reminder

Members are reminded to secure your cars after parking and as you leave for your round of golf. 

All valuables should not be left exposed within vehicles but taken with you or hidden from view in a secure place within the locked vehicle.











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