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Club Legend strikes better than his age!

Club legend Roger Cowan had a round to remember at the Benalla Golf Club on Wednesday Nov 14,........ in a teams event, Roger had a round, off the stick of 77...........not bad when you are 79 years of age!

Congratulations Roger, a legendary performance.


Roger is pictured after the event, looking to practice his putting.RCowanhitsage


2019 New Rules of Golf

for summary of new Rules, Click here

For more details including video clips on each rule change, visit Golf Australia Web Site.

Rule books will be available for all golfers during December  2018.


2018 AGM Meeting Outcomes

The following elections for 2019 were determined at the 2018 AGM held Saturday October 6.

Elected were:

President:   Norm COOK

Senior Vice President:   Eric HOOLIHAN

Junior Vice President:    Alan MOORE

Secretary:                       Jo McKEAN

Treasurer:                       Ken DOSSER

Captain:                          Robert MUNRO

Elected to General Committee were:





Ben Van den AKKER

Remaining Committee persons include,  Wayne HOCKING, Gavin HARRISON and Darryl QUIN.

This new Committee structure commences January 1, 2019.


 Mens Championship Winners 

golfwin18 2018 Championship Men Winners

L _R    Bob Munro Eclectic Winner, Travis Hocking 2018 Club Champion, Lucas Hales Junior Champion, Club President Norm Cook, Adrian Squires Open Runner Up, A Grade Net Champion and Founders Cup Handicap 54 Hole Winner.   Congratulations to all winners. 


Club Championship Final Images




 2018 Men's Final 36 Holes Matchplay Championships images

Travis Hocking  vs  Adrian Squires

Congratulations to Travis Hocking on becoming the BGC Mens Champion 2018.


Ladies Club Champion 2018

Congratulations to Hazel Briggs for winning the BGC Ladies 2018 Championship.

IMG 4794 Hazel proudly holds her Championship trophy


Ladies Championship Winners 2018

IMG 4791Ladies 2018 Championship Grade Winners

L-R    Val Wood D Grade, Lindy Wrest C Grade, Lynn Symes B Grade and Hazel Briggs A Grade

Congratulations to all the winners.


  New Par 3 competition has commenced  -  SUNDAY's from 9:30am      

As part of the Club's development of Members benefits and to encourage new Members to golf, a new 9 hole Par 3 layout has been implemented on course. Located on the front 9 holes only, new tees have been established to allow Par 3 social and competition golf to be played.

Events is planned for every Sunday morning from 9:30 - 10:30 am tee off time.




Benalla Golf Club now on Facebook

The Club advises that you can now access the Benalla Golf Club on social media.

This provides another avenue for advertising and communications throughout the community and with Members.

So next time, if you are using Facebook, search for the club and click that you like the site and/or share with your other friends.


Ever wondered what the Rules are if you are in a sticky situation?

Have you found yourself in a situation where the Rules don't seem to readily apply? Maybe a kangaroo sitting on your ball, or a snake is curled around the are the applicable Rules



 2014 - Centenary of The Beginning of World War 1 - Commemoration


The Benalla Golf Club, along with many other sporting and community organisations, will be commemorating the Centenary of World War 1.

The Australian Government is encouraging such bodies to participate as part of a national commemoration of this significant part of our history.

The club would like to hear from any Members, and the general public, with historical details of any family members who may have been Members of the Benalla Golf Club at the time and who served in any capacity during the 1914 - 1918 world conflict.

Photographs, along with any details available of the serving Member, that the Club would be permitted to use on this web site and for possible display within the Clubhouse at times yet to be determined over the next four years, would be appreciated.

The Benalla Golf Club commenced in 1903 -well before WW1- and as records of golfing members at the time of the conflict are scarce, we seek your support in this project.

Any information you seek to contribute please address as 'WW1 Commemoration' and may be

  • mailed to the Club at PO Box 205, BENALLA Vic 3671
  • dropped into the Club at 170 Mansfield Road, BENALLA 3672
  • or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Marketing Committee of the BGC are researching this project with the contact person being Norm Cook.

As such any details may also be forwarded via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you for your support in this significant project.

"Lest We Forget"




Security reminder

Members are reminded to secure your cars after parking and as you leave for your round of golf. 

All valuables should not be left exposed within vehicles but taken with you or hidden from view in a secure place within the locked vehicle.











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